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New music video for Troll$ out! (vote for me)

Vote for my song ” Troll$” IN this competition : VOTING OPENS ON 20TH JUNE, 2019 A tune for the internet trolls Airbit x S1 Hitmaker Competition Titled “Troll$” Story: The troll man (Guy with ski mask) is a prison inmate who used to be a high-paid rapper. He then went to prison for several cases of murder and misconduct-loving everything taboo and breaking rules for the joy and fun of it. He is highly egocentric and he thinks he’s the best rapper ever. No one has convinced him. Veronica specifically searched in the cells prison to find out if there were any great rappers she could try to school. Veronica’s role as a teacher represents she is trying to school the troll for trying to de-mean her position/work and place as a rapper. Meaning Veronica is the goat (the teacher) in rap. She wants to school him and show him who wins the rap race. And that he should respect her position and he should take his. Lyrics: Trolls trolls got no goals lil’ silly trolls ain’t got much better things to do than to be up on my feed and compete with me- please nigga take two seats, the only thing a silly troll could ever do is to make crap rap and say shit without a clue! Please nigga take two seats- shut yo mouth shut yo mouth- only thing that you can do is to creep up on my feed and love everything I do! Please nigga take two seats- shut yo mouth! Only thing a mouth good for- is just kiss my ass! Speak only when I ask you no less. Lil’ bitch ain’t much of a man- but a lil’ speciman! You could thank me again you ain’t nothing but a skinned victim don’t think that you win and don’t get it twisted! You are just a ripe product of my brew- trolls trolls got no goals that is why just got nothing else to do- creep up on me; love everything I do from the top to the bottom, from the head to the toe a troll just got no goal- what you silly trolls got up yo sleeve only thing ya wanna do is just creep on my feed bitches! Please- is that all you can do is just stalk on my feed Hahahhaha? trolls trolls got no goals trolls ain’t got much better things to do than to creep up on my feed and compete with me- please nigga take two seats. Shut yo mouth only thing a mouth good for is just kiss my ass- but I’ll pass!

Watch my doll series: Mojo’s plan to destroy halloween!

Have you already saw my new doll series? My new series on Youtube ; Mojo’s plan to destroy Halloween features Mojo Jojo and his plan to destroy Halloween-everything exciting about Halloween keep up, subscribe and watch this series on my channel! So you won’t miss any new episode! Watch this series! One of my most epic yet!

Meet the (Tease me guy) (JOSE) ( I GO VIRAL!) Mojo’s plan to destroy Halloween part #7

Stunts music video/audio details


Inspired by dynamics color & movement- the notes to this track are mastered with a soft intro of clapping sounds and edgy techno lines conveying the ambiance of a special night involving people dancing and giving their best moves.

and listen to full audio quality on: